Weekly summary

For all my whining about the problems getting the servers up and running it has been a good week for getting things done.

First, I’m happy to report that Natalie Sisson has taken on a market research project for us. It will run for four weeks and help us determine the potential (attainable) market size in North America and identify / flush out some of the key issues we can resolve for our customers and the most effective path to reach (i.e. sign up) those customers. Natalie comes to us from New Zealand via the UK and has strong experience in marketing and product management areas.

This project has an aspect of “get to know each other” as well. Natalie is a strong candidate for our VP Marketing position and is very excited by our prospects (and vice versa). We need some time to see if she wants to hang around with us (grins…)

Second, (should I have said “secondly”??? – sounds weird) we have commissioned Kate Whyte to design two logos for us for ConnectionPoint Systems Inc. and FundRazr. I expect we’ll see results sometime late next week.

Third, our infrastructure seems to be a little more stable and flushed out. We have put up a blog (no, duh!), a wiki for our development, product management and business management documention (http://fundrazr.com:7777/wiki), a sample “placeholder” website (http://fundrazr.com:7777/cpsi) and our “Target Process” agile development methodology product / development management server.

Fourth, a ton of little details are completed including filing corporate paperwork, arranging for proper email aliases for everyone, renewing our domain names (including fundrazr.mobi) and buying memory for servers (harder than it sounds).

Looking ahead to next week, we will hopefully complete the first set of requirements, select an offshore development partner (two referral candidates and working on more), and complete more of the business description documentation. I also have a full day professional course on Board Governance on Monday so life will be full….


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