More infrastructure changes…

… and more cursing at Microsoft.

OK, so it isn’t ALL their fault. Turns out that a stupid router is not doing EXACTLY what it should. Compound that with Microsoft not doing EXACTLY what it should and you can understand why there is a significant drop in the whisky high water mark. Just FINDING the problem took forever!

It’s been a long night but the good news:

  • We now have three times as much memory in the server. Hopefully it runs a little faster…
  • We have a new D-Link router. It actually does what it is supposed to. That means…
  • We now have TWO valid and separate Internet addresses: and As you already must know, that allows us to move the wiki, blog and sample website down from the obscure 7777 port to regular HTTP port 80…
  • We won’t have to do this kind of switch-a-roo for at least another week (ROFL!)

I’m looking forward to getting back to working on more exciting stuff….


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