Another day, another confirmation we are on track

Myra and I went to a launch party (great party!) for last night. Riiplay is Bret Conkins’ media services start-up. I’m an advisory board member…

While at the party, I had a conversation with Kevin McLeod, Bret’s right hand man and an MBA student at Simon Fraser University. It took me a few minutes to explain the FundRazr business concept (perhaps the wine and the great food they were passing out were getting in the way) but once he “got it”, Kevin really “GOT IT”.

Kevin plays indoor soccer on a fairly competitive team and was quite aware of the problems the team captain had collecting and managing the fees for the team. Once the light bulb went on that BOTH parties in the transaction benefit from the FundRazr service, Kevin started to list off all the people at various organizations he knows that we should contact. These include a friend of his who is apparently president of UrbanRec, a group that coordinates and manages many adult recreational sports teams in Vancouver.

I have a lot of respect for Kevin’s work with Riiplay so this was a great affirmation to me that we are on the right track…


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