Another vote for FundRazr

My son Ben plays on a speedball (paintball) team with Bo Wilson. Bo is Blair Wilson’s son. Blair is the MP for West Vancouver and the Green Party candidate for the constituency in the Federal Election on Tuesday. When we dropped the boys off this morning for their team practice, Blair and I had a good conversation about FundRazr.

Blair thinks that FundRazr would be very helpful to candidates at all levels raising money for their election campaigns but particulary for municipal elections and other more regional events where there is not a large “party” machinery behind the candidate and therefore a lack of strong organizations supporting the fundraising process.

We briefly covered the idea that FundRazr could provde “MyObama” style grassroots fundraising capabilities to smaller organizations and still provide the fine-grained auditing and donor management features that are so important to staying “within the lines” on election campaign fundraising. Blair highlighted that these audit features and very importantly the ability to ascertain the geographic location of a donor would be very valuable to any politico. He also stated that it is very important to him to acknowledge and thank each person for their donations, no matter how large or small. Existing manual systems, even for a major candidate in a federal campaign can drop the ball in this area.

Another vote of confidence for the FundRazr campaign…


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