Building an identity

As something I do have years of experience in, branding is dear to my heart. Many people don’t understand what branding actually is and that it goes far beneath a visual trademark or icon, it’s the values that make up the product/ service or business that people identify with.

A logo is just the beginning of building a brand that people recognise, understand and associate with.  It’s an important aspect though so it’s critical to get it right, that’s where end-consumer testing comes in and why your view is important and why we need to show options and get feedback on what stands out and works.

As Daryl & I well know this is going to permeate every aspect of Fundrazr for many years to come (we hope) and it has to be instantly recognisable, have long lasting appeal and be adpaptable to sub-branding for the future.

It’s interesting to assess logos of current iconic companies, surprisngly blue seems to be a reoccuring colour that works for so many such as the likes of Facebook, Paypal, Linkedin and Skype. I’ve posted some of the key logos/ brands out in the market today and it instantly shows you the merit in keeping it simple, clean, and bold. I’m all for minimalist but engaging and this is no easy feat.

Free for Mac + PC. Fairtrade®

Also during my competitor research I’ve noted that several of their logos tended to be either

a) Wishwashy   OR   b) Shades of blue!

For example see these, plus Causecast has blue as it’s logo and website background and Change has a blue website.

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Teachers ask. You choose. Students learn. DreamBank logo

Does this mean that blue is the new black and we’re onto a winning look?


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