New logos

OK, feedback time.

Here is our new logo for ConnectionPoint Systems Inc. What do ya think?

Here is our new logo for FundRazr. What do ya think?

Don’t be shy – we want a kick ass set of logos. It won’t happen without a little courage.

Click the Comments link below and leave us your thoughts…


2 responses to “New logos

  1. Jason made a comment that, while he likes the ConnectionPoint logo, he thinks the colors of the FundRazr logo are not distinct or vibrant enough. For him, this is especially true of the gray. He wonders if we should use a shade of green…

  2. I was thinking almost exactly what Jason posted. I like both the look and feel of both. The FundRazr logo just needs a little POP. Perhaps trying the blacks from the Connection Point logo in place of grays. It would be interesting to see the green that Jason suggested as well. Regardless… a very nice pair of logos.
    Peter C.

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