Natalie and I attended IdeasOnTap tonight. It is a social media event that is trying to replicate the go-go vibe of the late ’90s in the Yaletown tech community. Six speakers were to give us a one minute pitch on their product or service in a trendy bar…

Now, if you want a recipe for a promotional disaster, take a bunch of gregarious tech people, put them in a bar with people they haven’t seen for a while, stir in a large dose of alcohol, put a hot-and-heavy hockey game (Vancouver vs Detroit) on all the TV screens, crank the volume to deafening so it will make all conversations shouting matches, put in an underpowered microphone and make sure it isn’t tuned well so that it produces feedback at every opportunity and then try to get everyone’s attention to watch the pitches. Can you say “miserable failure”? I couldn’t hear a thing and I was TRYING!

Note to self – if they ever try to get us to pitch anything in a format like this, politely decline.

The good bits that came out of the evening:

  • Bret Conkin was there and met Natalie
  • Bret bought us drinks
  • I reconnected with Nadia Nascimento and helped her make the connection with Natalie who is borrowing a desk in the Invoke Media offices where Nadia works
  • Natalie and I both independently spoke with Mike Agerbo of Blink Mediaworks. Mike is interested in doing a video segment on FundRazr for his nationally distributed video blog

It wasn’t a complete waste of time by any stretch. Anything that continues to circulate our name and build some buzz is a good thing…


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