An angel at my table

Yes literally. In fact we had two last night as Daryl has mentioned. It was indeed a fantastic workshop that I found truly valuable and am ever thankful to Daryl for registering me last minute. It was all very new to me too which was why it was even more fascinating.

It was an experience being surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs (getting used to calling myself that…) and hearing their business ideas, challenges and learnings, plus the networking opportunities. The panel discussions were by far the most useful in terms of getting direct and succinct answers from the investors themselves and what they were looking for, what our chances were getting funded (it seems right now in the current financial situation the odds are 50:1!) and how their deciding factor for investing was generally the team, and the relationship they’d forge with them.

From that standpoint our existing small team is totally attractive to invest in, even if I’m bias I think this was proved by getting the key presenter Bob to come out to drinks last night after a long and intense day.


One response to “An angel at my table

  1. OK – Nat’s the attractive part – thank goodness we have her to balance out the situation – my photo proves my theory.

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