Faith, Hope and Charity, Charity, Charities

If there is one trend that has come out in the last year, it is the number of people trying to use the Internet and Social Networking to raise money for charitable causes and create a business for themselves in the process. While sports teams and clubs are our main focus, charitable giving to these groups (aka fundraising) is still important.

On that note, we’ve discovered a new local company in the online charity tools space,, that looks interesting and has ideas we should look at. It appears they have a similar technological focus as ours i.e. using social networks to improve the exposure of the money collection tools to the communities associated with a person or cause.

The old saying is “Great minds think alike but fools seldom differ”. Either we are both on the right track or both heading for trouble. Given I think it is the former it is nice to have validation from another company.


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