Tail wag the dog?

One takeaway from the seminar last week on Position for Success was that treasurers of sports organizations and clubs might be very influential in “guiding” our prospective customers (team managers) to use our product IF we provide features specific to their overall organizational financial management needs.

In particular, I’m wondering if we should go ahead and create the option to download a transactions file that can be posted to QuickBooks and therefore save the treasurer a massive amount of work. It is a question that we need to ask our focus groups and, if they don’t know the answer because they have more managerial activities on their minds, get a referral from them to the treasurer or bookkeeper for the group.

This also brings up the potential for an alliance with QuickBooks. Closer to home, it may give us an opportunity with one of the local online booking services (ClarityAccounting.com or LedgersOnline.com) to set up a unique “mash-up” that combines our service and records retention capabilities with a low cost “team focused” bookkeeping service. Having all these services online would make it much easier for teams to transfer their records from person to person as volunteers cycle through the team organizations year after year.

I contacted May Chu, CEO of ClarityAccounting over the weekend and I think I might also talk with Wayne Zielke, CEO of LedgersOnline this week. May is interested in this idea and we are going to chat it out over the next short while.

Funny enough, I met May at Launch Party 5 this fall and know Wayne from Mulgrave School and the Science World Equity Task Force. I’m starting to really appreciate the concept of “get to know everyone because you never know who might be able to help you”…


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