Customer insight is key

In my mind I’m building the most effective marketing strategy for promoting FundRazr to potential users – clearly I haven’t shared this enough with Daryl! There are also many experts out there who we’ll work with when the time comes to implement our kick-ass strategy.

However, as I’ve learned, there is not much point in marketing a product to an audience until you know what that audience wants. What’s really important, as Daryl mentions, is how do we drive people to use FundRazr in the first place.
We’ve defined some unique selling points for FundRazr that can be used to hammer home why it will make their life easier. Given that I expect our users to also be our marketers then a key aspect of finding out the HOW is to evaluate their needs, and what unique selling points they’re looking for.

Why would they want to use us, what do they actually require, how can we provide it, what features are most important. Any company should  constantly be asking themselves these questions and conducting customer research as otherwise what are they doing in the first place, if not to serve their customer’s desires?

That’s why research is key. I prefer to call it obtaining insights. The focus group was particularly useful for that as it threw up some things we hadn’t considered. It also proved the need to speak to a variety of potential future customers from small grass roots teams and clubs through to large associations and organisations to round out whether FundRazr can apply to a whole spectrum. From managers to players, adminstrators to supporters. Whilst we have focussed in on our initial target market, we are always keeping the big picture in mind of where and to whom FundRazr can expand and cater to.

I particularly like people who challenge our business model, and don’t feel we’d be useful to them as that makes me more determined to know why not, or convince them why, or figure out whether it’s an area we want to address or one we should strike off. Finding people who have the time to talk to give me these insights is proving to be a challenge in itself though.

It’s clearly evident that time-poor people require me to go to them for the answers and I’ll do whatever it takes to amass a wealth of valuable information to ensure FundRazr develops to its full potential.


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