Getting real in an on-line world

Windows Live is taking everything on-line, live updates, real-time data and software updates, as well as their entire customer base, that’s pretty huge. And it will buck a trend to get other major and minor organisations to do the same, if they’re not already. Gone will be the days when you go in to physical shops to buy new and updated products, all of it will be available to download on-line for a fee and receive instantly – for technological products definitely.

In that sense it all bodes well for us as that’s where our business is. As more people become accustomed to moving their daily lives on-line – making e-payments, sharing content, information, personal and group details, become more proficient at using tools and applications, it becomes second nature to them.

Facebook is not our only portal and the more that continues to get developed by way of platforms we can embed ourselves on, the better. That’s why I’m particularly focused on getting and staying real, as are 37signals, summarising their thoughts on the matter: Getting Real is about out-sharing, out-teaching, and out-contributing the competition.  Continuing to build an audience through teaching, sharing, and contributing back to the community. Write, tweet, and speak wherever you can. An audience you’ve taught is far more loyal than a group of people whom you’ve only been able to reach by spending.

So whilst our business is on-line, our customers are also in the real world and we need to stay connected to them at all costs by creating the FundRazr community.

I also believe, now, more than ever we need to stay small, focus on just a few core things at a time, quick wins, eliminating abstractions that lead to miscommunication and complexity, and only do what we need to do instead of everything we could possibly do. It’s hard when you’re a big picture thinker not to want to take on the world and offer a solution to everyone’s wants and needs. But in this case, delivering to our key target markets, and delivering an excellent product is what we want to achieve….for now.


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