Facebook growth predictions

It looks like Facebook is still growing very quickly. According to an article by Eric Schonfeld of TechCrunch, Internet traffic tools show Facebook has significant monthly unique user counts in excess of what Facebook is “officially” reporting and is now the fastest growing social networking site. The graph from Eric’s article is shown below but I recommend you read his blog post for his more detailed analysis.

Social network growth

Social network growth

Nick O’Neill of AllFacebook.com, the premier Facebook blog is predicting Facebook will grow to over 300 million users this next year.

These facts and predictions support our premise that more and more people of all ages will use Facebook and that social networking will become an intrinsic part of most people’s Internet experience. We believe that people will want to control more of their lives through the convenience of their social networking site as it becomes a “home page” for their daily activities. Our applications are built to fulfill that desire.


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