Failure is not an option

Check out this article on (one of the blogs I read faithfully every day).

In this case, Rob is paraphrasing EricKarjaluoto’s post. The full article makes some really good points. It is fun stuff but also something I don’t take lightly. Won’t be happening to us…

The Top Five Reasons your Web Startup Will Fail

Posted: 04 Jan 2009 06:33 PM CST

Just before everyone took off for their annual Christmas break, MakeFive‘s Eric Karjaluoto had his Elevator Pitch featured on Techcrunch. While I’m sure Karjaluoto had a pretty strong following to his numerous blogs –,, & the MakeFive Blog – before that, there’s no doubt that kind of exposure is great for your overall readership.

Karjaluoto is a co-founder of a Vancouver-based interactive agency smashLAB and has been dabbling with a couple startups recently. So when he blogged on Friday about Why your web startup will fail, his readers piled on the comments (148 and counting) and they liked what they read.

In honour of Karjaluoto’s current startup MakeFive, I’ve summarized his blog post into The Top Five Reasons your Web Startup Will Fail:

1.       You won’t have an audience

2.       You’re going to run out of cash

3.       You’ll get frustrated

4.       The emotional rollercoaster will beat you

5.       You’ll get excited about something else


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