The new way of working

It’s a new world out there. You can buy and sell people and their expertise online. It seems easier than ever to build a virtual team of experienced people without ever meeting them. Normal business models attributed to creative agencies for example must be concerned, when for a fraction of the price and a little more work I can get the likes of logos, websites and creative material designed without their help. Although for some areas such as social media campaigns we will still look to employ an establish agency.

Last week I closed our Crowdspring project of designing our FundRazr logo. We got over 70 entries (several designers submitted more than one entry). Some were good, some were great, and some shouldn’t consider design as their career. The point was though, that for no money at all they were happy to submit a visual design and keep amending it based on my comments and feedback to ensure I was a happy client, knowing they may not be selected. I found them all to be very responsive, flexible and adept at interpreting my needs and this made the whole experiment an excellent experience.

  • It gave me a market place to shop online for creative juices
  • It afforded me with several examples of alternative logos we could use or redesign in the future and the ability to contact those designers
  • It was instant and evolved 24/7 in front of my eyes
  • I had input to the entire process and was able to work it to get the most suitable outcome.

In keeping with being the poster-child start up I also ran a poll on PollDaddy once the submission period ended to ensure the logo design that was favoured by Daryl and I was also liked by others. And out of the 10 best designs I posted up there it was the overwhelmingly winner so that said a lot. With over 80 people voting in a matter of days and providing comments on why they liked one design over another, this gave us great insight into how people construe a brand and what it means to them.

Crowdspring has recently been selected for the New Media Awards and this is an indication of it’s growing popularity. Given it only started in April 2008 it’s a small company with big dreams that look set to come true.  Even with a 15% processing fee it seems the place for people to get creative business done. This proves if people find it useful and worth their time then they’ll pay that price, good news for FundRazr.

As for my virtual oDesk team based in India and the Philippines they have all done very good work researching various sporting associations I selected based off the sports with the largest player base in North America. Hours of mundane work for me has been gladly taken on by Murthy, Shehzad and Nikky for more money than they’d get locally, and for us at a bargain price.
A growing database of contacts for FundRazr has been captured for business development, and whilst Murthy initially collected contact details for the pro basketball teams like the LA Lakers who aren’t necessarily our target, everyone has been on track and understood their job brief well.

Clearly oDesk is on to a winner to as even though the economy has been bad news for many they’ve reported dramatic growth with more than 26,000 new providers joining in December alone. So they now have more 150,000 providers offering their talent to us AND 11,000 new jobs are posted each month.

Now I get to post another job researching the political election market. Time will only tell but who knows what sort of work we will be having done by people all over the world who we’ll likely never meet!


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