The pressing word from Whistler

I’m currently at the WordPress WordCamp at the Fairmont Hotel in Whistler. I think I have truly joined the ranks of the technical geeks in the online world. Joined in so much as sitting in this large conference room with them. I note that 90% of people have thier laptops out and whilst the speakers are spreading the word on how to make the most out of using WordPress, people including myself are listening whilst doing the following:

Searching the websites, applications, or plug-ins the speakers are talking about
Actually doing what the speakers are teaching in terms of tips in real-time
Updating their blogs
Following their tweets on Tweetdeck
Checking email
Updating Facebook

It’s very apparent that the art of conversing is not lost as many technophobes believe, it’s just morphed into an onilne offline concoction of real time chat. I’m sitting next to Anna Cook, copywriter, so actually geting to chat via the old method of real person-to-person and have a laugh. Meanwhile globally this event is being fed live to an audience who cares to follow it, backed up by those emailing, tweeting, facebooking and blogging about it.

The power of word of mouth and word of type is truly phenomenal. Each time I think I’m learning more I realise I’m just dipping my toe in the surface of a deep pool that continues to create new depths every second. If I was a free diver I would be constantly setting new records. In a sense social networking and media is doing just that, it’s constantly evolving and you have to live and breathe it in order to keep up. This is where FundRazr needs to be at, so watch the changes that occur as I take all this learning and carry on applying it.


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