The global role of Social Media for FundRazr

I was told last night by a business friend that I’m super networked in the social media world. Clearly my thin disguise is working! I have to admit I’ve recently delved into as many facets of social networking and media as possible. Whilst overwhelming, one has to start somewhere, and there’s nothing better than just doing it, learning, refining, improving and observing the way these online communities proliferate. And I’m by no means close to scratching the surface!

FundRazr worldwideWhilst I’ve been on Facebook for a few years and find it very useful especially from staying in touch with international friends, it’s also a massive source of useful information on people’s behaviours, interests and needs. Hence Facebook trying to succeed with its `Engagement ads’ that target demographics and profiles to bring ads of relvance to each and everyone of the 150 million users. The recent growth of the 34-54 age bracket shows everyone is capable and willing to engage in this paradigm shift of social networking, even my Dad is on it!

Add to that my recent update of my LinkedIn profile that had stayed dormant on leaving UK, and I have close to 70 connections within the space of a few days. An extremely handy tool that has 34 million users and counting. From a professional point of view you can engage and connect with some extremely credible and successful business people. I even did a search for Angel Investors the other day and due to my connections found I could reach them by being introduced by people who already knew them – a great introduction vehicle.  Let me at em!

I have over 100 followers on Twitter now in just over a week and that’s without half the tricks and tips I’ve been reading up avidly on like retweeting, sharing, replying. My initial skepticism about the worth of this micro-blogging tool is rapidly being replaced by recognising the access to a whole dialogue across the world on matters of topical interest, current trends and a whole new way of communicating. Plus it’s an instant feedback tool with real people who can test out your product and ideas.

I’m `virtually’ attending AMA Marketing Association Webinars on a weekly basis on all the current & relevant topics for FundRazr – SEO optimisation, email campaigns, Social Media strategy. Plus I’m now reading a daily concoction of excellent blogs including Guy Kawasaki’s How to change the world, marketing guru Seth Godin‘s blog, TechCrunch and TechVibes for the latest industry news

I particularly liked the article 10 ways Social Media will change in 2009 as it convinces me why it’s worth investing time in all these new tools and platforms: `The new form of social media will be about creating “whole products” and complete experiences, all in real time, across the web, mobile, and live. Each user will be able to create his or her own experience using tools, features, and apps that magically coalesce. People will be able to move seamlessly through information that is available to them anywhere, anytime, sharing rich content with a rich set of groups and networks that they themselves define. Innovative companies that are able to listen to these needs and deliver products based on them will not only survive but thrive in the coming months and years as people eagerly advance on the inviting waters of the new social alchemy.’


One response to “The global role of Social Media for FundRazr

  1. Love this sentiment: there’s nothing better than just doing it, learning, refining, improving and observing.
    Seems as if some people are hesitant to participate in social media as it becomes a public self, one that isn’t going to jibe with everyone. But then I think social media users appreciate the frankness and honesty of just putting it all out there. Dirty undies and all.

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