Great article on Facebook “for adults”

Fortune magazine posted a new article on Facebook that has some fabulous facts and figures on the growth and appeal of Facebook to the more mature segments of the population i.e. NOT the school or college kids. Here is a little excerpt:

But these days the folks fervently updating their Facebook pages aren’t just tech-savvy kids: The college and post-college crowd the site originally aimed to serve (18- to 24-year-olds) now makes up less than a quarter of users. The newest members – the ones behind Facebook’s accelerating growth rate – are more, ahem, mature types like Lichtenstein (57), who never thought they’d have the time or inclination to overshare on the web. It’s just that Facebook has finally started to make their busy lives a little more productive – and a lot more fun.

Read the full article here.

When we started ConnectionPoint and the FundRazr project we anticpated that it would soon begin to appeal to our target demographic user (adults with kids). Frankly, while it is very exciting to see it actually happening, we have to admit that even WE are surprised it is happening so quickly. The growth in the platform is frankly astounding and yet continues to accelerate.

One of the best things about this growth is that not only are more people accessing Facebook all the time, these people are spending more and more time (169 minutes per month on average) on the site. The Fortune article discusses how our online lives are growing to resemble our offline lives in terms of the quality and quantity of our interactions. This point is key to our appeal to our customers; we will make our services available to them in the place where they want to “hang out” online. This convenience factor is a big competitive advantage for us and something we will promote strongly.

Tell us what you think of all this. Use the comments link below…


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