Keeping your eyes open to the less obvious

I think this applies to anyone in business. Sometimes you get so tied up in your world that you need to look outside of it, at the bigger picture, and consider things you normally wouldn’t, stay in touch with reality, stay in touch with your audience.

It’s easy not to do this when you’re tied up in managing your time, workload, committments and people.

So this video helped to make Daryl & laugh today and remember this, and another motto my father used to repeat to me often and I live by is `always expect the unexpected’.

This is especially pertinent right now with the development of our awesome application. A showcase today by Daniel and Christian of all the progress they’ve made has helped make our business model come to life in my mind. As a marketer I can create, ideate and visualise many things, but nothing beats seeing and using a tangible product or service to be able to market it better. I’m excited that we’re building an exciting, functional, elegant and simple to use tool that will make many peoples’ lives easier.


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