Making ourselves at home in the world of business

There comes a time when you recognise, as a start-up, that you’re in it for the long run. For me the key signs have been the following:

  • When the hesitancy about the chicken and egg problem no longer matters – i.e just start doing it before having the perfect solution in place (in reality no business just starts out complete, they should always be growing and adapting)rollercoaster31
  • When you recognise you can’t get off the rollercoaster ride encompassing dips of doubt through to peaks of exhilaration, you learn to enjoy every moment of it and use it to keep your ideas, emotions and strategies in check
  • When you can explain your business concept and convince people on its worth far more effectively than just two months earlier because you’re living and breathing it and improving it every day
  • When you look around and see that your small team is getting a little bigger and better with new additions that share the same enthusiasm about FundRazr as Daryl and I do

Even the new office location is taking on its own personality. In the space of a few days Daryl bought much appreciated plants for our office, we have wine glasses (all important) and water glasses, a new bookshelf, an extra desk. The broken window has been fixed so I don’t freeze at my desk.
I bought some Tin Tin paintings to add some childlike adventure to our days so we don’t get too serious and RazrMan (a toy bear with a caped crusader outfit), that I bought to help support children with cancer, adorns our window sill and to me iconicizes determination and a `just do it’ attitude.

More importantly Andrew Carlisle joined our team this week as our User Experience Designer. With a wealth of experience in web design, graphic design and user interface testing and design he’s the perfect package bundled into one person and a great fit with our team.

We’re also making traction with investors, customers to be involved in our beta testing and discussions with potential partners to align with.

Look out world, we plan on making a name for ourselves and using the benefits of history to learn from those before us and their strategies for success. As Seth Godin writes in his blog that I’ve linked to above: Every once in a while, a new technology is introduced online and it becomes the must-have, must-be-talked-about breakthrough. If you’ve got one of those, it would be useful to look at what made the last five work.
As with most successful business ideas they’ve generally been done before if you look back in history, it’s how you adapt it to the world we live in now and the future that counts.


One response to “Making ourselves at home in the world of business

  1. Natalie:I like what you are doing on your Blog
    I would like to invite you to be a contributing author on The Jacob Report.
    This would mean A LOT of Exposure for you!
    We only write about Sales, Marketing, PR, Buzz, and Business. I am personally only inviting those authors who I feel can add something to what has already become one of the most important Business Bogs on the the Web.
    Please let me know ASAP as I am only bringing on a limited number of authors.
    Andy Jacob

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