Rising above the noise

https://i1.wp.com/lnbooks.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/02/22/social_networking_timeline.jpgSocial networking is a phenomenon. Being immersed in it takes time, energy and desire. It can seem overwhelming, exhilarating, frustrating and at times abnormal. I have to remember that all I do on Facebook, Twitter, emails and blogs is building my knowledge and experience of social networks.
It’s building contacts, conversations and relationships online and offline. It can seem like an incredible waste of time and as if I’m getting nothing done and then a gem of information will shine through, an excellent contact will be made, some piece of insight will be highlighted to me and make me realise why it’s all worthwhile.

It’s also exciting and because it happens in real time. We can live and breathe change 24/7. My blackberry allows me to get instant email updates, read blogs via rss feeds, conduct Google chat conversations, Blackberry messenger chats and contribute to mobile Facebook updates. More recently changes to Facebook pages are showing more and more promise for FundRazr, unlimited invites to friends to join a page is just one highlight. Far better promotion of applications in the stream is another.

Daryl & I have had some excellent potential partner meetings over the last two weeks and many more people we discuss FundRazr with who are engaged and want our solution now. Christian is back on board after Japan and he and Daniel are making the best use of Target Process, our project management tool to assist in setting some key development milestones. Andrew is working wonders with his design talent to update our logo, business cards and the initial concept for our website – we’ll be showing them here very soon. Daryl is down in San Francisco at the Web 2.0 conference learning all about payment fraud and other highly relevant topics for the online world.I am embarking on a series of workshops starting tonight that are linked to the New Ventures BC Small Business Competition. That and finally sent through all the appropriate documents to apply for permanent residency!

So in amongst all this great stuff, it’s clearly good to take time out to have a laugh, and what better than watching this brief and highly amusing video depicting the views held by many on the usefulness – more rather uselessness of Twitter….


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