The results are in and the winner is…

From the end of November 2008 through to 1 April 2009 we had 136 wonderful people respond to our online survey. Creating this survey was a long and arduous task, but the results we received and the rich information we collected were definitely worth the time & effort!

So thank you to our friends & family, colleagues and acquaintances,  and whoever else got sent the link and filled in our survey. You have all contributed so much by allowing us to gain insights on your trials and tribulations in managing the collection and payment of team/club fees, fundraising and donations!

And the lucky winner of an Apple iTouch is Nicole Cozens in the UK.

Congratulations Nicole. I’ll be contacting you about receiving your prize today.

I’ve summarised the key research results below, and one thing is for sure, there is a huge amount of pain, time and effort that goes into managing the financials of teams and groups and not one solution that addresses everyone’s needs adequately. FundRazr aims to be that solution.

Respondents are aged between 18-54 with 83% belonging to a club or team and 63% paying fees for themselves and 11% paying for others as well.
The majority (62%) were players/ members of a team/club, followed by captain, organiser & coach respectively (as indicated in piechart).
The most common sports played by respondents included soccer, hockey and ultimate Frisbee and over 20% of those respondents played at least one other sport.

Fee collection:

  • Fees paid by respondents include an individual fee (71%) & team/club fee portion (48%) paid annually, equipment/ outfits (77%), travel/accommodation (77%)  & tournaments (68%) paid monthly, quarterly and as you go and gifts/awards (33%).
  • These fees generally ranged from US$20-200 on average
  • The fees are paid to a Club treasurer (33%), Team manager (20%), Sports association (20%) and a sports facility (11%). This means the majority of payments and collection are going through one person.
  • Cash is the most common method used to collect payment for fees owed (57%), then cheques and online methods (21% respectively)
  • Fees are received via set payments, `in full and upfront’ and random amounts during the season
  • Excel is the main method used to manage the fee collection and tracking, few teams use rostering systems such as Pointstreak, HappyTC and Rosterbot.
  • Average times spent on managing fees per month was at least 2 hours and up to 20 hours

Fee payment:
Cash is the common form of payment (63%), then cheque (42%), followed by bank transfer (42%), credit card (31%) and online payment tools (30%).
However the preferred payment method is bank transfer (particularly in the UK), credit card and online payment tools (in North American responses) such as PayPal

Of the respondents surveyed 25% are involved in fundraising on behalf of their team/club and this is done predominantly via events or raffles. Money raised by individuals generally goes towards the club or team. Donations are mainly paid by cash (45%) followed by cheque (24%) and come from friends and colleagues primarily then family, general public and sponsors.

Personally 60% of respondents have donated online with the most common donation amounts being  US$20/50 or 100. Donations were paid direct to cause/charity websites of which many respondents couldn’t recall.
Online habits:

  • Facebook was by far and away the most frequently and commonly used social network application
  • Email is the most common form of communication, especially via Google or Yahoo groups
  • Approximately 50% of teams/clubs have a website, 35% have a FaceBook group or profile and 35% use a registration system.
  • 84% surveyed buy online using credit card, PayPal (50%) then debit card (39%)
  • 100% of respondents would happily pay a transaction fee of 0-4%  for online payments

Thanks once again to all involved, you’re shaping the future of our business!


One response to “The results are in and the winner is…

  1. Thanks for the shout out re:!

    FundRazr sounds like an amazing idea. Hopefully it can be integrated into websites in general (and isn’t too tightly coupled to Facebook).

    Once FundRazr is up and running, we’d be interested in looking at how it could be used/integrated on HappyTC — would be excellent to provide a way to collect/manage team fees.

    – HappyTC Admin

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