Leveraging the Monday morning Mocha

leverageToday is important for two reasons.

  1. I had my first coffee infused drink of the year. After 4 hours of Frisbee tryouts yesterday my body is feeling it and the team suggested I have a mocha to provide me with the kick start I need for this  full on week ahead of us.
    This includes a proposal plan for a prospective partner alliance, our first customer sales brochure targeted at the political market to present at the Liberal party conference, and continuing on with the New Ventures BC competition and business plan completion.
  2. The word leverage is totally justifiable! Daryl & I have been accused of overusing the word `leverage’ when we discuss the FundRazr business model. However Eric Ries blog post talked all about leverage in product development. It may be a dirty word in finance right now, as he pointed out, but for us it’s fundamental.

Quoting Eric directly leverage is:` a force that allows startups to build products at parity with much larger companies – cheaper and much faster. It’s a key lean startup concept.
The idea of leverage is simple: for every ounce of effort your product development team puts into your product, find ways to magnify that effort by getting many other people to invest along with you.’

We’re building momentum every week right now and it often seems overwhelming but our small team is definitely up to the task and continue to impress me with the dedication they show to developing a quality product and meet the beta testing deadline.

If only the weather outside wasn’t so gorgeous and tempting right now!


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