Thunderbirds are going for launch

Courtesy of Nasa

Courtesy of Nasa

Software development is a fascinating realm, and I’m continually learning all the nuances involved in agile product development, iterations, technical specs and time to market.

I’ve read several blogs and been to some fascinating technology events where `crossing the chasm’ from early adopters has been discussed. It seems there are lessons to be learned everywhere and many of them the hard way.

This is particularly timely as we countdown to our beta launch in July. We’re all keen to get our application into the hand of real users for testing, feedback and improvements. Just to see how customers first react to FundRazr, their ease of navigation and flow through the steps and their user preferences will all be closely observed.

Reading one of my favourite blogs OnStartups I picked my fave favourite key points he had to make about launching:

1. Wimps wait.  Revolutionaries release early.

2. Don’t hug your software too hard.  If you love it, set it free.

3. You will more often regret when you were reluctant than when you released.

4. To succeed, you need to be remarkable.  To be remarkable, you actually have to release something.

5. No heroes and legends are created by software that almost shipped.

We’re totally driven right now and all working super hard to make this happen. We need to be given the competitiveness of this market and the rate at which technological improvements are being made.


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  1. Reminiscent of Joshua Schacter’s mind-dump re: lessons learned from… a copy is here:

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