Great news for a Friday afternoon…

It seems like forever since I posted my thoughts here – perhaps an unfortunate side effect of all the great things happening in our business that have been consuming my time…

Justin Smith reports today on his blog that Facebook is planning to release “in the coming weeks” some major enhancements to their Applications Directory.

The features most important to us are:

  • The application directory is easy to find and applications are easier to locate within it.
  • The application’s About Page will now have the look and feel of a Public Profile page. This will improve the experience and familiarity our customers have with Public Profiles in general across all applications. Given that we run within Public Profiles, this is a big win for us i.e. free training.
  • Each application’s profile will support a Stream. This allows us to conveniently communicate with the users of our application from one central location.
  • The application directory will show each user applications their friends use. This will likely increase the viral spread of our application.
  • Applications “verified” by Facebook will have greater promenence in the directory. Given that we intend to have our app verified this will be a great thing for us.

These changes show Facebook’s commitment to applications and their desire to make their customers’ experience of locating and installing applications more professional.

I like it.


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