The A+ Alpha test

It’s a Friday afternoon and we’re about to head off for team drinks at So.Cial. Why? Well we think we deserve it. This week we unleashed our application, for the first time, into the hands of View from the top4 wonderful testers and the feedback was invaluable. Just observing them interact with the application was fascinating. Their suggestions, feedback, comments, criticisms, positive statements and actions were all recorded, noted and assessed.

Big thanks to Elizabeth, Kenzo, Sebastian and Debbie for giving us a whole heap of their precious time, energy and feedback. All this testing culminated in a feedback review meeting today with our team, which resulted in some clear actions, some fundamental changes to make and several key learnings. Plus a whole lot of white board action

Next week we have even more testers coming in and we’re loving it. The team know we have a long way to go but it’s such an incredible journey to be on.

Earlier in the week Daryl and I had the pleasure of using one of the Fasken Martineau boardroom’s with the best view (see in the photo on the left). It felt like being on top of the world. A feeling I hope will continue with FundRazr…

Daryl at the head of the table

Despite the beautiful distraction (note the green grass space on the new convention centre’s roof!), we did actually make great progress on better defining our revenue model and felt much better for having taken the time to discuss and debate the key issues.

In the meantime I just loved this video of Ali G pitching a novel idea for dealing with sticky dripping ice-cream – remind me never to pitch to Donald Trump like he does!


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