A funny thing happened on the way to the market…

We had a funny thing happen at work this afternoon.gauge

Daniel finished one of the social “noise amplification” features of our new (unreleased) product. The purpose of the feature is to allow a person making a donation to share what they’re doing with their social network, hopefully inspiring feedback, dialog and perhaps triggering other donations.

Daniel made a test donation and put out a test message to his social network.  The idea was to delete the message immediately afterwards to avoid it circulating through his network. No sooner had we high-fived to celebrate the success of the test when we noticed that some one had “liked” his donation/message within 60 seconds of the post. It took just another few seconds for someone else to make a comment.

Daniel quickly deleted the message but the damage had been done. The message kept coming back from the grave as more and more people commented on it. Finally, Daniel added a note that it was just a test message and the activity died down (after a few humorous comments from his friends).

We have a theory that messages about donations have the potential to “go viral” in a limited way within a small community. While this isn’t “proof”, it is certainly encouraging me that we are on the right track!


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