How to launch and demo in one day

One team, two countries and a big day for ConnectionPoint

Launching FundRazr live on Tuesday 15 September at TechCrunch50 is certainly a day to remember for ConnectionPoint. Half of the team started rocking up to the office here in Vancouver from 7am onwards. Daryl & Andrew were up around 5:30am and off to the TechCrunch Conference venue in San Francisco to set up the demopit table, screen and more.

I think this video from Daryl live at the demopit perfectly sums up what it was all about for us:

Key highlights from the day were:

  • Google search rankings for FundRazr tripled
  • Google search rankings for ConnectionPoint Systems went from 60,000 up to 160K at one point
  • Hits on our blog: Rose from 1940 before launch day and are now at 2243
  • New followers on Twitter and shout outs from PayPal X, Hootsuite, BootupLabs and people viewing our app down at TechCrunch
  • Views of our YouTube FundRazr pitch video fro TC50 competition – from 0-99
  • Beta code requests – yesterday around 15 by the end of today 60+!

What’s more exciting on that front is that I’ve responded to every email to ask more about their needs and what they’d use FundRazr for and the responses have been amazing. Real customers who totally get how FundRazr can help them straight away, ranging from nonprofits, teams, clubs, organisations, events and fundraisers from all over the world – from Estonia to Dublin! It validates everything we’ve worked towards and makes it real.

And then the media buzz.

I had fired off our press release featuring PayPal X at 2pm across 5 free press websites, out to the TC50 Media list of over 100 key contacts and to our local friends and business contacts in Vancouver. As I checked my Blackberry late on Tuesday night I saw Google Alert after Google alert coming in.

First page of the PayPal blog on launch day.
Wednesday morning we were front page of TechCrunch thanks to their media efforts and the blog is expected to receive 623,505 daily visits!
This obviously is huge as now everyone’s tweeting about it – see the real time results at TweetMe

The adrenalin is slowly wearing off and we’re realising just how tiring launching can be, now for the real test – making sure our customers love our application as much as we do.

FundRazr makes front page news

FundRazr makes front page news

FundRazr on TechCrunch blog

FundRazr on TechCrunch blog


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