The launch week that was for the small start up with a big heart

Over 120 Closed Beta code requests and counting.

insidefacebook_blog front page fundrazrLong hours, Facebook issues, Telus network disruptions and more coffee. On the positive side the response post TechCrunch50 has been awesome and we’ve received even more press including the front page of the bible we read diligently – Inside Facebook.

It’s hard to explain how it feels when the email delivered to my inbox daily, that I read to get the latest news, suddenly features us as as the news!
After that article was published we got a flurry of beta code requests which has kept everyone busy. I also think that Matt Holliday who wrote the article did a better job than me at summarising what we do!

At the heart of the application, FundRazr allows any individual or organization to easily collect online payments. But there are several built-in features that expand this application functionality beyond money collection; analytic and reporting tools give users the ability to track results, and there’s even help when creating a campaign. The application can be tailored to take on unique appearances and functions, as it is designed for social sites and has no set template.

FundRazr is intended for easy money collection for a variety of purposes, such as charity events, sports teams, school clubs, social groups and more. It’s interactive, social focus makes it an excellent way to spread word of causes and campaigns through Facebook, getting out a viral message with a built-in method for collecting donations and payments.

The application is available now in Beta on Facebook; all that’s needed to sign up is a free access code. It should be beneficial to smaller businesses non-profits, school and church groups and anyone operating on a fixed budget without the funds or time to track down donations and payments.”

We’re super excited about the range of people asking to start using FundRazr from all over the world. The unique needs that they have are helping us see just how many different needs  FundRazr can be a solution for. Even some we hadn’t yet considered like fraternities and collecting tenancy fees! The response from Europe has been really surprising too and we can’t wait to offer payments in international currencies and different language versions of our application.

We’re staggering giving out access codes to FundRazr so we can ensure we are fully supporting our Closed Beta Customers, so if you’re reading this and wondering where it is – don’t worry it’s on its way!

Finally, Daryl has been making movie history with his onscreen presence – yes another YouTube video which you can view below. This one was taken by the folks at PayPal in the TC50 demopit. Enjoy


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