FundRazr makes progress

We’re thinking of cloning ourselves.

It would prove really useful so that we could get twice as many of the great features out there that we’re building in, but there’s only so much we can get done in one day.

The great news FundRazr is off and running like bulls in the streets of Pamplona! We have over 160 closed beta codes out there now and over 60 people using our application but we want more! We also want more feedback as it’s hugely valuable to us.

We’re very excited to have customers with active organizations that can accept fee and donation payments now. Money is actually flowing through our system and we made a tiny bit of revenue! Remember to email us to be turned on to accept payments.

One campaign, set up just a few days go, has already raised over $250.

Jen’s family has been devastated by the storms in the Philippines, and this fund has been set up to support them.  You show your support by visiting here.

Help Jen's Family Campaign 9 Oct 2009


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