Hot Off The Press –Fundrazr’s First Success Stories Emerge

We’re just a little bit proud of what we’re doing here with FundRazr, and even more excited that you special early adopters are thinking the same thing!

So earlier this week we put out the following press release to prove it:

VANCOUVER, BC – October 20, 2009 Following its Beta launch at TechCrunch 50 in September, FundRazr has received an overwhelming response from around the world and the first users are now raising real dollars.

“We’ve had a fantastic number of requests to access our exclusive FundRazr Closed Beta,” says Natalie Sisson, Cofounder and VP Marketing of ConnectionPoint Systems. “Every day I get emails from people visiting that want to start using FundRazr for their teams, clubs and causes.”

Facebook has become North America’s dominant social network and creating a group page is both free and easy. Early adopters of FundRazr are now starting to use the social connectivity of Facebook to secure donations, collect fees and sell tickets.

Members of the closed beta include major universities needing to charge fees, political candidates wanting to engage with grassroots supporters through fundraising campaigns, and national nonprofits who have to improve their fundraising efforts to cope with the poor economy and recent funding cuts.

Early examples of FundRazr in use include:

  • A campaign called “Help Jen’s family” was set up by a local mother after witnessing the devastation her family experienced during the storms in the Philippines. In just 48 hours $275 was raised via FundRazr donations. The key for this campaign was a feature that allowed a compelling video and message to be shown to visitors, who then simply clicked to donate.
  • Greg Baudin, VP of Floorball Canada and President of BC Floorball, who has a wealth of expertise in fundraising for sports and non-profits, said “The entire Canadian Floorball community is engaged in fundraising for our National Teams Programs and grassroots development work. Floorball Hockey is so popular right now, in schools, in hockey academies, and community centers. Our membership is rapidly increasing. We rely heavily on Facebook for the distribution of information across our Provincial groups. With FundRazr, we feel we have an easy solution for our membership fees management and a handy tool for our ongoing fundraising efforts; we should realistically process 1000-1500 transactions this upcoming year and in five years time, it will be in the 100,000 range.”BC FloorBall - our first payment through FundRazr

    Check out their campaign here and make a donation to the Women’s team while you’re at it!

“We totally believe that FundRazr can change the game of fundraising and payments in social networks by being the easiest way to collect money and manage members on Facebook,” said Daryl Hatton, CEO and President of ConnectionPoint Systems. To have people from all over the world validate that we have built a world class application, is such a humbling yet amazing feeling”.

FundRazr has been created in close partnership with PayPal, the global leader in online payment solutions with more than 153 million accounts worldwide. FundRazr is one of the first applications in the world to take advantage of PayPal’s new Adaptive Payments API for social commerce, to simplify its customers’ online payment experience. Being invited to be part of this beta program has allowed ConnectionPoint to use these new features in FundRazr prior to the official launch of PayPal X, which will take place at PayPal X Innovate developer conference on November 3-4, 2009 in San Francisco.

Yes that’s right we’re off to San Francisco for this very soon and next week we’ll be showcasing some great new features we’ve been working on for you.

Remember to email us to have your payments turned on too. A number of you people are using our application which is great but we want to hear from you when you’re ready to start receiving donations and payments.


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