The Latest FundRazr Features Are Available For Your Enjoyment

Without further ado, step up will you please, to hear about the latest FundRazr features!


1. Share Campaign
Yes it’s here! The easiest way to share your campaign to the rest of Facebook is now available. You’ll find the `Share’ button just above the video on the Campaign screen.

2009 Oct 28 New Share function

Simply by clicking on this you can publish a post to the live stream that says who you’re supporting and allows you to add a personal message.
This dramatically increases the visibility of your fundraising campaign as friends and supporters will see any interaction that any visitor has with your campaign.

When they click on the link on that shared post; they will be directed straight to your campaign URL.

Top tip: When you want to direct people to your campaign via email or any other method of communication, simply cut and past the URL in your browser that appears when you’re on your campaign screen.

2. Organization Data

When setting up a new organization you’ll notice there are new screens that give you more options and flexibility and require some extra information.This is because we’re in the process of bringing you the much asked for `Receipts’ option.

2009 Oct 28 New options setting under Settings

FundRazr Options Screen under Settings

Soon you’ll be able to provide receipts for any donation or fee payment.  To make it easier for you, this organization data will be automatically transferred into the receipts created.

Key changes that you’ll notice are:

Appearance: You can now add an avatar to your Organization profile that will be displayed for your organization in your favourites box or when you’re accessing your organization(s) from FundRazr Navigator. (Your logo will still be used for anyone visiting your organization and at the top left of each FundRazr screen).

Location: You can now easily move your organization from one tab location to another. You may also unlink it from any tab and it’s still accessible to you.

Legal: Sounds a little scary but it’s really not. We just need your address details so that this can be added to the receipt you can choose to offer anyone who wants one for a payment they’ve made to your organization.  This information is not accessible to anyone other than you, your administrators and whoever receives a receipt that you’ve authorized.

Accounts: Pretty much stays the same but if you want to create a new account from there we help you through that process with a big bad button directing you to set one up with PayPal. Easy as that.

Options: Our favorite part. Here you get to choose just what your organization can offer (see above image)

  • Membership Requests –currently anyone visiting your organization can request a membership or you can invite them to join, such as a player on your basketball team.
  • Supporter Requests: Very soon you’ll be able to accept requests from supporters to join your organization which will be perfect for your cause or charity or as a political candidate, to help build your community and fan base.
    These supporters can then be communicated with through FundRazr and are able to make a donation to your campaign regardless.
  • Create receipts: You asked for it, we’re bringing it. You can choose to offer receipts to anyone who makes a fee or donation payment to your organization. Our receipting capability takes your logo and organization details and automatically creates a professional looking receipt.
    Once that person has made a payment they’re taken to the home screen that allows them to check their payment history and get a receipt.

Quick Tip: All the new org set-up features can be accessed via the redesigned ‘Settings’ icon on the admin home screen.

3. Ticketing

Your feedback has shown us that you want the ability to be able to sell tickets through FundRazr. Whilst this was always part of our plan, we’re excited to bring you a simple yet easy option within the `Campaign’ function that allows you to ask for either donations or sell tickets.

This is just the start and we will be providing many more great features and tools over the coming months to make FundRazr an e-commerce platform for all your needs.

4. Communicationsbroadcast_44x66

On the admin home screen you’ll notice a new ‘Communications’ icon. The feature isn’t operational yet, but stayed tuned for useful new options for communicating with your organization.

5. Numerous small enhancements and bug fixes

There’s been a lot of testing and bug fixing going on in the background that you likely won’t even notice, but each day there are small modifications and enhancements that are making FundRazr into the kickass application you see before you.

6. Notifications

Today Facebook have announced major changes to their platform around notifications for applications.  We believe many of the changes will be of great benefit to FundRazr and therefore you as a user, including better access to and & interaction with your FundRazr organization(s).

Let us know what you think by commenting below, tweeting with us on @fundrazr or making a comment on our App Page


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