FundRazr’s World First Debut With PayPal’s Technology of The Future

Almost our entire start-up team attended PayPal X Innovate conference last week.

It was a considerable cost to fly five of us there for three days but one we considered worthwhile.

It proved to be a very smart investment.

We were the first company in the world to go live with both new PayPal technologies integrated into FundRazr. We got to showcase this on stage as a PayPal partner three times over two days, to a crowded room of developers & press who were intrigued to see a real live example of the new technology in action.

So what does this mean for you, our customer?

This means you receive the benefits of these new technologies just by using FundRazr. Let us tell you how you benefit:

Adaptive Payments: This new API will allow us to make:

  • Split fees – allows us to take our commission, PayPal’s fees and pay you all in one transaction
  • Recurring fee and donation payments – automate fees you have to pay on a regular basis
  • Aggregated payments – you can pay multiple organizations from one payment

Adaptive Accounts: This new API allows you to quickly and easily set up a PayPal account, if you don’t already have one, when setting up your FundRazr organization. Creating an account now seamlessly integrates into the set up process.

FundRazr making headlines

Along with delivering great presentations on stage during the conference, Daryl managed to get interviewed by Mashable via Ustream TV. Both Daryl and I got video interviewed numerous times during the two days whilst at our FundRazr kiosk, catch a mention in this video below.

PayPal’s hard-working PR team meant we were featured on several major sites and even made the Wall Street Journal. That was totally exciting. We got featured on ReadWriteWeb and also connected with some excellent bloggers who will hopefully be featuring us over the next week.

It was fantastic coverage and exposure for us. We did demo after demo at our kiosk which was manic but really satisfying. The invaluable feedback we got from so many people has helped shape our thoughts on what capabilities and areas we can improve on next.

We totally believe in our FundRazr solution and that Social Commerce is the way of the future!

The amount of beta code requests we’ve been receiving means that you do too. Thanks and keep the feedback coming.


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