About FundRazr

FundRazr is the easiest way to collect money and manage members online.

FundRazr is designed for any individual, organiser or volunteer who has to collect money on behalf of a social group, sports team, school club, charity, campaign or more. It provides fast and effective pain relief from headaches caused by tireless fundraising and fee collection. FundRazr eliminates the need for handling cash, checks and IOUs by allowing for easy collection of fees and donation payments through the application.

FundRazr provides unique functionality that seamlessly integrates with Facebook’s 250 million users worldwide to maximise the powerful sharing features and engage with donors. Unlike registration software or donation based websites, there’s no singular template with a standard donate or payment button. Instead, organisations can actively engage with their supporters, who can spread the word to friends and extended networks and reach a potentially huge audience—at no cost.

The FundRazr application is easily installed on Facebook within minutes and allows you to:

  • Accept online payments from anyone
  • Create compelling fundraising campaigns and collect donations
  • Manage and communicate with members and supporters
  • Track results with reporting and analytics
  • Plus much more – all in one easy to use application

Fully integrated with the Adaptive Payments API from PayPal X, PayPal’s payments platform, the FundRazr application provides flexibility with advanced payment features and offers a safe and easy way to fundraise and collect fees on social networks.

You can start using it today simply by visiting www.facebook.com/fundrazr

If you’d like to be part of our exclusive Closed Beta Program email us and provide your name and details about what you’d like to use FundRazr for.


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