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Needed: experienced Java / Web Developer

From one of our current team – “For me, one of the best things about working here is the fact that everyone has the opportunity to have a big impact on what we’re building and on the success of the company. Plus every day we get to work on things that are new territory both from a personal point of view, and I think from an industry point of view too.”

Do you BURP?

  • Believe in agile principles
  • Understand social networking
  • Realize that results are important
  • Prefer flat hierarchies

If so, is this you?

  • Experienced software developer who likes to build code that touches many people in a very positive way – global solutions co-developed with PayPal
  • BSc Computer Science or BCIT Software Diploma
  • 2+ years work experience related to our areas of interest i.e. can’t just be fresh out of school
  • Multi-year experience in developing Web 2.0 Internet applications using Java, HTML and JavaScript
  • JBoss application server, Seam, Hibernate and MySQL experience a bonus
  • HTML 5 (video, canvas, data store) experience a big bonus
  • Flex/Flash experience a bonus
  • Candidate must be very engaged in social media: Facebook, etc.
  • Will join an existing small, high performance team using Agile processes
  • Must enjoy a fast-paced, dynamic environment and have the ability to prioritize and plan work activities to reach deadlines
  • Salary will scale depending on what else you bring to the table
  • Compensation includes stock options in high growth social commerce startup
  • Gastown offices – great atmosphere – lots of laughter – flexible work hours

If our requirements are a fit for your experience and desired work environment, please send you resume and cover letter to

Please note this is a new position for our growing company and we are ready to fill the position immediately.


Daryl’s interview on – the PayPal Developer Network

I  spent a very pleasant long weekend Monday sitting on my deck, enjoying the cool breeze and talking on the phone with Travis Robertson. Travis interviews PayPal X developers who, in the opinion of the PayPal development team, are doing “cool stuff” with their APIs.

PayPal X Logo

We rambled on for quite a while talking about our new release of FundRazr and how it changes the way social media fundraising is done. We didn’t stick to just that topic though and covered lots of other interesting territory.

Check it out at

Fantastic coverage from TechVibes

We are very fortunate – on Monday, Knowlton Thomas of made an excellent post about FundRazr and our relationship with PayPal and Facebook. We are very appreciative of the support Knowlton and Rob Lews have provided us and appreciate their interest in what we do.

For those we didn’t notice, there were links in Knowlton’s article to the pages on that highlight what we do. Check them out here.

Help Us Win A Contest!

We have entered a PayPal Developer’s Contest. First prize is $50,000 cash and $50,000 credit from PayPal. As you know, startups can ALWAYS use money like this and we need your help to get it.

To win, we need you to vote for our demo in the contest before 11:59 PM Friday night, March 5th. Sounds easy, right? It is.

You need to have a PayPal account to participate. If you don’t have one, click here and you can set one up. Pick Personal. It is fast, easy and free.

Once you have your PayPal account, click here or on the screen shot below to be taken to the contest. The first screen will look like this:

Click on the VOTE NOW link to start. You will be prompted to login to PayPal. Honest, this won’t take very long…

Enter your account name and password and then click Log In. If this is your first visit to the PayPal Developers Network, they will automatically redirect your browser to a screen like this.

Please enter a screen name (usually in the format firstname.lastname), check the Java and Social networking boxes and click Submit. You will then be directed to the contest page (finally!) shown below.

Please enter our contest entry number D1039 in the search box in the top right corner and click Search.

You will see our video demo (entry) into the contest on a screen like this:

Please click on the Vote button in the top left corner and you are done!

Except, of course, if you really want to watch the video. If so, click on the Play icon in the middle of the screen.

Please send us your feedback on our (very short – we were only allowed 2 minutes) demo. We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for your help!

We picked a great time to start a business

Rob Lewis recently wrote a TechVibes article on the dismal state of venture capital investment in Canada. It seems that the VC investment model is under severe pressure and many tech businesses can no longer enjoy the benefits of VCs doling out easy money to their startup.

We don’t see this as a huge threat and, in fact, believe it is an opportunity.

Frankly, VCs made some stupid, follow-the-leader investments in the late 1990s. If one invested in a certain type of Internet application, a bunch of others jumped right in with similar (but not visionary) companies in the hopes of being a “fast follower”. For the most part, this didn’t work very well for the companies involved and killed off the VC’s investment.

However, it did do a good job of confusing some markets for a while making it all that much harder for the original visionary startup to execute their plan.

If a bunch of VC money has dried up, the “fast follower” group is less likely to get funded as there is only so much money to go round. This makes life easier for the visionary who will likely get funded regardless – that is what strong entrepreneurs make happen. We are entering another growth stage of innovation in web applications – that is what recessions initiate. That means new market opportunities are emerging – and that is what entrepreneurs love to see.

We are visionary. We’ll get funded. We’ll ride this next wave with skill and create fantastic value for our shareholders.

I like the idea of not having to fight off a bunch of fast-followers with VC money to burn.

It makes our job easier.

FundRazr’s World First Debut With PayPal’s Technology of The Future

Almost our entire start-up team attended PayPal X Innovate conference last week.

It was a considerable cost to fly five of us there for three days but one we considered worthwhile.

It proved to be a very smart investment.

We were the first company in the world to go live with both new PayPal technologies integrated into FundRazr. We got to showcase this on stage as a PayPal partner three times over two days, to a crowded room of developers & press who were intrigued to see a real live example of the new technology in action.

So what does this mean for you, our customer?

This means you receive the benefits of these new technologies just by using FundRazr. Let us tell you how you benefit:

Adaptive Payments: This new API will allow us to make:

  • Split fees – allows us to take our commission, PayPal’s fees and pay you all in one transaction
  • Recurring fee and donation payments – automate fees you have to pay on a regular basis
  • Aggregated payments – you can pay multiple organizations from one payment

Adaptive Accounts: This new API allows you to quickly and easily set up a PayPal account, if you don’t already have one, when setting up your FundRazr organization. Creating an account now seamlessly integrates into the set up process.

FundRazr making headlines

Along with delivering great presentations on stage during the conference, Daryl managed to get interviewed by Mashable via Ustream TV. Both Daryl and I got video interviewed numerous times during the two days whilst at our FundRazr kiosk, catch a mention in this video below.

PayPal’s hard-working PR team meant we were featured on several major sites and even made the Wall Street Journal. That was totally exciting. We got featured on ReadWriteWeb and also connected with some excellent bloggers who will hopefully be featuring us over the next week.

It was fantastic coverage and exposure for us. We did demo after demo at our kiosk which was manic but really satisfying. The invaluable feedback we got from so many people has helped shape our thoughts on what capabilities and areas we can improve on next.

We totally believe in our FundRazr solution and that Social Commerce is the way of the future!

The amount of beta code requests we’ve been receiving means that you do too. Thanks and keep the feedback coming.

A Proud World First Moment for FundRazr

We had the privilege of being the World’s First Company to showcase the new Adaptive Accounts Technology for PayPal to a packed room.

Just over an hour ago at PayPalX Innovate Conference, Daryl did us all proud by doing a fantastic presentation and live demo on stage. See for yourself below!

It’s been one amazing day and we’re looking forward to meeting many more great people tomorrow, making great connections and showcasing FundRazr and PayPal technologies.

Thanks to Dana Oshiro for her great write up on ReadWriteWeb on FundRazr too – made our day.